Baronessa is punishing her tardy slave with the bullwhip. After his ass is covered with lines, she wants to enjoy some time in the forest. But unfortunately she is getting disturbed by a naughty guy in a wheelchair and his attendant. The attendant is getting overpowered and finds himself bound to a bed where he is going to undergo a breathtaking adventure. The helpless guy in his wheelchair is unable to escape on his own and so he has to watch everything that is happening. Soon he is going to come to know that his handicap isn\\\’t a reason not to be used by the sadistic Mistress. She tosses him out of his wheelchair so that she can use him with a dildogag. Soon he finds himself in a SM-Studio again. Bound with rubber, a rope around his neck he is getting raised out of the wheelchair… Baroness absolutely knows no mercy…

A Shit Movie

Together with my playmate Soraya I am using my open-hearted asshole of my premium-anal-slave. Starting with the XXL-Strap-On and two whole arms we are even using our foot: Nothing is impossible. His always hungry hole is getting all of our extremities…. and we also have to offer something culinary: To our butlers discomfort we are serving him besides our godlike golden shower a potion of fresh caviar. Our slave is just getting used by us with all his holes… a true feast a la Baronessa di Rivera…


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Abstrafung Slave Training

These two busty ball-breakers lead their toy in on leash, making their slave bow before them. His tender buttocks feel the kiss of the dominatrix’s lash, and the two teasing bitches take turns treading his flesh under their high heels, intent on demonstrating their power and control. The slave’s face is mashed and crushed between their powerful feet, and they display his soft, scratched mouth as a prize. They torture their pathetic servant, abusing his sensitive ass with paddle, cane, and lash, before violating his anus with a lit candle, dripping more hot wax over the responsive skin of his back. As a final humiliation, they string him up by his ankles and punish him with pliers and a razor sharp machete, compelling him to acknowledge their supremacy.

Rubber Fetish Play

Queen Carmen disciplines a slave who is into rubber and watersports. He takes in the image of the brunette ball buster in rubber pants, bouncy, false pierced tits, waiting as he looks at the mask she will soon demand he wear. In the bathroom, the bitch corrects him and fits the mask to his nervous face, then demands that he spread himself prone on the floor, at the mercy of her every malicious whim. She takes his fat cock in her crushing grip, kneading and twisting the thickening flesh, driving him to needy heights of desire. To remind him of his place, she pulls out a hose and aims a stream of her own fresh urine directly into the gaping funnel in the mask, causing the helpless sub to accept every drop.

Dildo Queens

Audience with the Queens. The five yard-slaves have to endure some cruel tests until both Mistresses chose their royal dildo-slave. Deep down inside the torture room the action begins: brutal caning, electro-torture and nicotine-respiration are just the beginning. A real competition begins in which the slaves fight for the longed title. Which servant will gain the slave-crown? The final discipline: rose-distension by arm with subsequent dildo fuck will show the outcome. Noblesse oblige!

Let’s fuck!

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Fucking Summer Hole

While having a deep summer-nap, the slave is dreaming of a nice little fairy which is purifying his rosette with her magic wand. But the brutal fist of his girlfriend brings him back to reality: She relentlessly is working her way up his guts. The following deep drilling with a metal stick looks like an impalement before a red XXL-Dildo completes this summer fairy-tale. Under strict surveillance of the Baronessa, the hole is getting stretched up to 7,5 cm by being stuffed 32 cm deep. The anal-mega-stretching-program makes this afternoon going into the annals of history…